Monday 11th October 2021

We made snowy Christmas tree designs for our Christmas cards this year. We had brilliant fun learning how to do Judo rolls and throws with Garioch Judo Club.








Monday 4th October

Photo 1- Today in class we were writing imaginative stories about a rainforest adventure and we had some brilliant ideas!!

Photo 2- This week in ICT we learned now to create a google slides presentation. We are making presentations on the rainforest.

In P4S we have started working on adding in maths. Playing educational games can help children to link simple sums together and work out problems. 

Monday 13th September

We have been researching animals that live in the rainforest as part of our Rainforest topic.

Every Monday this term we have had Kodaly music with Mrs O. It’s great fun!

In maths we have been looking at comparing and ordering numbers as part of our place value topic.

P4GS have had 2 sessions of athletics skills with Active Schools and we are all definitely faster than we were 2 weeks ago!We are now reading regularly in our new reading groups and hope to send books home soon.

We are learning about the different layers of the rainforest and which animals life in each layer.