Parent  Guide to Getting on Glow

P7 How to Use Google Classroom

P1 – P6 Home Learning Explained

P1 – P6 How to Find the Weekly Activity Grid

P1 – P6  How to Find Resources and Support Materials for Weekly Activities

P1 – P6 Accessing the Rubric in Assignments

P1 – P6 Uploading Files to Assignments

P1 – P6 Keeping Team Chat Tidy

Sumdog How to Extend Learning
Life Skills Activities

Each week we will be posting a video of a staff members 'bizarre hobby' and a challenge for the kids and adults. Give it a Go @carlybrunton @CarrieDoig @Aberdeenshire @InverurieAcad

Hope is waiting for us....
An assembly of hope and some Nina Simone and Four Tops
@carlybrunton @laurencefindlay @Aberdeenshire @mentalhealth

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