Parent Council Meetings are held on a Regular Basis  

Regular attendees include teaching staff from the school, representatives from local authorities and other guests as required.

All parents are encouraged to get involved in the meetings.  As can be seen from the attached minutes of meeting there is a diverse range of activities and initiatives that require input as well as support.



Kellands Parent Council 2020 AGM Meeting 

This will be held at Kellands school on TBC

All parents/ gaurdians are welcome to attend

Kellands around the world

We are now in Mandalay, Burma

Lets all keep adding Km

Thank you so much everyone ..

'Kellands around the world'

Well done to everyone and all the Km that you are all doing to help get us around the world.
Lets all of us keep going

Today we are now in .........

Katmandu in Nepal. #activeschools

Kellands around the world
P7DG were out getting their kilometres up yesterday!
#kellandsaroundtheworld #giveitago #activeschools

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