Welcome to Kellands School

Kellands Primary School “Where Everybody is Somebody”
Following our school values of being Responsible, Respectful and Kind, we encourage everyone to value and respect all members of our school community.  We support everyone to reach for and achieve their full potential, equipping them for the future.
Our aim is to inspire creativity, aspiration and excellence in all we do, fostering resilience and perseverance … at Kellands we Give it a Go!

Our opening times

Nursery Opening Times

Morning Session

8.45am - 11.55am

Afternoon Session

12.20pm - 3.30pm

School Opening Times

Start 9:00am

Morning break 10:40am – 10:55am

Lunch break 12:15pm – 1:15pm

End 3:15pm

Kellands around the world

We are now in Mandalay, Burma

Lets all keep adding Km

Thank you so much everyone ..

'Kellands around the world'

Well done to everyone and all the Km that you are all doing to help get us around the world.
Lets all of us keep going

Today we are now in .........

Katmandu in Nepal. #activeschools

Kellands around the world
P7DG were out getting their kilometres up yesterday!
#kellandsaroundtheworld #giveitago #activeschools

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