P5J have been learning how to have a basic conversation in Spanish 🇪🇸 We can now greet someone, ask their name, tell them our name, ask how they are, reply and say goodbye. Adios.


P5G have had a busy week! In art with Miss Robertson we were learning to paint to music. We also had an active athletics session and put our measuring skills to use with some applied maths! 














P5J have had a fantastic start to Term 1. In Health and Well-being, we have been learning about the Zone of Regulations. Here we are playing a game where we guess the emotion a player is expressing. Afterwards, we decide which zone it goes into –

-blue, going slow        -yellow, caution             

-red STOP                 -green, ready to go

Can you guess the emotion some of us are showing?


P5G have had a busy start to Term 1! In P.E we have begun learning the technical skills involved in tennis. We have also been learning about the Zones of Regulation to help us in managing our emotions. Our spelling sound this week in ‘f, ff and ph’.